Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Create Large Scale Sessions for 250-500 Participants

Normal Blackboard Collaborate Ultra events have a limit of 250 participants. Users within the University of Wisconsin System who are planning an event for more than 250 participants can now create sessions to accommodate more than 250 participants on their own.

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Users can create a Collaborate Ultra Large Scale Session from Canvas courses that have Collaborate Ultra enabled or from the My Wisconsin Portal.

The session creation page is broken down into three sections:
Session information, Event Details, and Session Settings.

Image of Collaborate Ultra Session Creation Page

1. Session Information

The topmost portion of the Session creation form contains basic information about the session including session name, telephony information, and guest link.

2. Event Details

The event details section contains all information pertaining to Date and Time of session.
A Collaborate Ultra Large Event session cannot be a repeating session.
A Collaborate Ultra Large Event session cannot be an open ended session with no end time.
A Collaborate Ultra Large Event session must have a specified Start and End time no more than 24 hours apart.
Users may set an Early Entry time for their Collaborate Ultra Large Event.

Image of event details section

3. Session Settings

You must select Allow 250+ attendees to join in order for your session to be treated as a large scale session that will allow more than 250 attendees to join.
Please note that "Share Audio, Share Video, Post Chat Messages and Write on Whiteboard or Files" will be deselected by the system upon saving the Large Event Session and cannot be changed. Because of the large number of attendees in a large scale session, attendees with the "Participant" role are not allowed to share audio or video. Chat permissions are also disabled by default for Participants in a large scale session, but chat may be enabled during the session by accessing the session settings panel within the session.

Image of Session Settings section

After configuring your large scale session, click Save to commit the changes. 

To invite guests to the session, make sure there is a checkmark next to Guest Access in the session information section and copy and paste the guest link into your invitation. All guests joining a large scale session will enter with the "Participant" role. During the event, individual attendees can be promoted to the "Presenter" or "Moderator" role to be allowed to share their audio, video, and presentation materials. This promotion is done in-session by opening the Attendees panel, clicking the ellipses button next to the attendee's name and selecting either Make moderator or Make presenter.

Image of Attendees Panel and role promotion settings in a Collaborate Ultra Meeting