Employee Screening Questionnaire: Employee and Supervisor Instructions

This article outlines how to access the Employee Screening Questionnaire. For best results, open the survey in IE, Edge, Chrome, or Safari. Firefox is not recommended.



Other Buttons/Screens


Step 1: To fill out a new questionnaire form: <Employee Screening Questionnaire>

To resume filling out a form you have previously saved: <Return to Dashboard> When you log in, you will see a Task List where you can open your application and continue working where you left off.

Step 2: Login using your network credentials

Mobile ViewDesktop View

Step 2 continued: you will need to authenticate, so have your fob or mobile device available.


Step 3: Fill out the form.

Fill out form

The following information will be filled; ensure its accuracy.

User ID
Email address

The following fields are required:
Supervisor: Begin by entering your supervisor's name; once it appears in the drop down, select it.

Employee Acknowledgement: Read the acknowledgement and check the box.
Employee Acknowledgement

Step 4: Submit.

You will see a confirmation window pop up.  Click OK.
Confirmation Pop Up

Logoff to finish.

All Knowledge Views and Reports: All supervisors will have access to this report to run for their employees.All Knowledge Views and Reports

Form Submit Date: This can be used to view all employees who submitted for that day.
Form Submit Date

Other Buttons/Screens
Delete form/process: Use this button if you want to start over.
Delete form/process

Save and Close For Later: If you need to pause your submission, this will allow you to save and resume your submission at a later time. Note: To resume the form, go to Return to Dashboard and log in. (Do not click on the “New Form” link above in this document as that will start a brand-new form for that day). You will then see a Task List mentioned above where you can open your application and continue working where you left off.
Save and Close

Dashboard Home Screen: This will show your Tasks List, which will be empty.

Dashboard Home Screen

Forms I Can Submit tab: For if you log into BP Logix Dashboard and want to submit the form from here.

Forms I Can Submit