Mac - Enabling Teams Add-in for Outlook

This article outlines how to enable the Team add-in for Outlook.

Identify Office Licensing
Remove License
Sign into Teams and Outlook

Identify Office Licensing

To ensure the problem is the Office licensing on your computer, first locate your Office version.  To do this, be sure to have open any Office application (Outlook, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) and follow the steps below.  The example presented uses Outlook.

Go to the Menu bar and located Outlook.  Select it.  Then, select About Outlook.

Based on what you see, identify whether you're using the Office 365 or Office 2019 license.

If you're using Volume License 2019, you will need to use the instructions below to change the license.  If you're using Microsoft 365 Subscription and the Teams icon still does not appear, you will need to call the Help Desk at (920) 465-2309.

Remove License

1. Quit all Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Teams.  
2. Open Self Service using the Spotlight search.

3. Locate the following: Microsoft Office - Remove Volume License.  Select Install.

4. When you see the below prompt, select Install.

Sign into Teams and Outlook

1. Open Outlook. Sign in using your full UWGB email address and password. Duo authenticate if prompted.


2. Open Teams. Ensure you're signed into Teams using your UWGB account by selecting the initials icon on the top right.
3. Go back to Outlook and go to the Calendar. Select the New Meeting button and identify whether the Teams Meeting button is present; if not, give Outlook a minute to register.


4. Most of the time, Outlook needs to restart. Select Restart Outlook at the prompt.


Once Outlook has restarted, the Teams Meeting icon should now be available.  If it is not, please call the Help Desk at (920) 465-2309.