Microsoft SSPR - Authentication Methods

This article outlines how to access/update verification methods in the Microsoft Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool.

Updating Phone Authentication Methods
Updating Email Authentication Methods

1. To access/update your authentication methods, follow this link:

2. Login with your UWGB password.

3. You will see the screen below.  Choose which method(s) you would like to employ and select the Set it up now or Change next to that method.
Microsoft SSPR Beginning Screen

Updating Phone Authentication Methods

1. To update your phone, first select the country or region.  Then, add your phone number without using spaces or hyphens (e.g. 8881234567).  Do not include a 1 prior to your area code; this is done for you when you select your country or region.
2. When you have entered your information, select text me or call me, whichever you prefer. The button will be blue if you have entered your information using the correct format.


3. When you have received the verification code, enter it in the field provided. Select Verify when you are finished.

Updating Email Authentication Methods

***NOTE: For students admitted after Fall 2020, this alternate email would already have been pre-filled for SSPR from your application.

1. Enter an alternate email address in the field provided.  Select Email me when the button turns blue. If the button has not turned blue, Microsoft does not recognize the format of your email address.  Ensure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of your email.


2. Once you receive the verification code from Microsoft, enter it into the field provided.  Select Verify once you have entered the code.  



Once you have updated your verification methods, you will see the screen below.
Microsoft SSPR Finishing Screen

To finish, select Finish/looks good.