Zoom - Signing into the Desktop Application

This document details how to sign into the Zoom desktop application using SSO (single sign-on).

***NOTE: To download the Zoom application for your device see this Zoom Installation webpage.***

1. Open Zoom via the Desktop Application. 

2. Select Sign In 
Screenshot of Zoom Desktop App Home

3. Select the key icon detailed as SSO at the bottom left.
Screenshot of Zoom Desktop App SSO Prompt

4. Enter the domain as "wisconsin-edu" in the box as seen below:
Screenshot of Zoom Desktop App Domain Sign In

5. You will be sent to a UW System federated login portal through your browser. Select UW-Green Bay.
Screenshot of UW Systtem Federated Login

6. Once selected, you will be prompted to complete the UW-Green Bay SSO. Enter your email and corresponding password to successfully log in. 
Screenshot of UW-Green Bay SSO

7. You will then be prompted to complete your account authentication to verify your account.

8. Now, either choose for your web browser to open Zoom Meetings automatically through the app: 
Screenshot of Zoom Notification on Web Browser

or choose to launch the meetings yourself with the Launch Zoom Prompt below:
Screenshot of Launching a Meeting on a Web Browser for Zoom

9. Zoom will then open on the Desktop Application and the process is complete.