UWGB-IoT (Internet of Things) - Registering a Shared Device

This document details how students in campus housing connect shared TVs, gaming consoles, smart devices, etc. to the UW-Green Bay IoT network.

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UWGB-IoT (Internet of Things)
Finding MAC Addresses for Personal Devices

1. If registering a device that is shared among the house/with roommates, Select the Enable AirGroup option in the registration form and Select the device as Shared (owned by someone not under the listed account) or Personal (your device that is being shared).

a. For the Shared option, fill out the select information: 

  1. Who the device being Shared With.
  2. What is(are) the Shared Location(s) in which you will be using the device.
  3. What is(are) the Shared Role(s) of the device.
  4. What is(are) the Shared Group(s) the device will be apart of.
  5. How are you Time Sharing the device (see the Time Sharing page for information about what to fill out about Time Sharing).
Screenshot of IoT Shared Ownership of Device Registration

b. For the Personal option, fill out the select information: Who the device is being Shared With.

Screenshot of IoT Personal Ownership of Device Registration

2. Complete the rest of the registration as listed in the document UWGB-IoT (Internet of Things) under Registering a New Device.