Windows 10 - Mapping M: Drives (Home Directory)

This document details how to map your UW-Green Bay M: drive (home directory).

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Windows 10 - Mapping Drives

Mapping Your M: Drive (Home Directory)

1. Navigate to File Explorer on the task bar or start menu.

Screenshot of File Explorer in Windows Taskbar

2. Select "This PC" on the left side of file explorer.

3. Select Computer at the top.

4. Select Map Network Drive.

Screenshot of  Mapping Drives in "This PC"

5. Select the desired letter for the drive.

6. Enter the correct file path: 

To map your M: drive (home directory), use the following paths: 

  • Staff: \\fpsa\u\username   
    • The "username" is your UW-Green Bay staff email without
    • The letter "u" is the first letter of your last name/the first letter of your UW-Green Bay username. 
    • Ex: \\fpsa\d\doerjc
  • Student workers: \\fpsa\studentworkers$\username
    • The "username" is your UW-Green Bay student worker email without
    • Ex: \\fpsa\studentworkers$\stoffice

7. Ensure that the boxes are checked/unchecked as shown in the image below.

8. Select Finish to map the share.

Screenshot of Selecting Your Drives While Mapping Drives

The drive will now appear under "This PC" with your other drives (see step 2).