Mac - Tabloid Printing

This document describes how to print tabloid from a Mac

Students using InDesign and other Adobe products should be careful when selecting the Tabloid Printer for printing a PDF. *The tabloid paper size must be specified in Page Setup of Adobe Professional. (Step 4 & 5 below)
Proper Work Flow when using TABLOID paper size. (This example was created using Adobe InDesign)

1. Create a document for the tabloid paper size.


2. Save document as *.indd for later editing. Remember to save to your M: drive.


3. Export to PDF for printing. From the InDesign main menu, select File, Export...


4. Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional. Make the following changes in Page Setup:

Select File, Page Setup.
Format for: Tabloid Printer
Paper Size: Tabloid
Click OK.


5. Select File, Print... (Command-P). Select the Tabloid Printer and then click on Print.