Student Technology Account

This document outlines student accounts for use with SIS, Canvas, and more. Included are helpful articles for reference.

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All registered students at UW-Green Bay are given a campus network account that they use to access campus technology resources. Students retain their account for one year after the end of their last enrolled semester to facilitate job searching. Nursing and Extended Degree students retain their accounts for two years.

A student’s full Internet email address is  

Student account usernames consist of the first four characters of their last name, their first and middle name initials, and the two-digit day of the month that they were born. For example, Mary Kay Jones’s birthday is May 4th, so her username would be jonemk04. (There are occasional exceptions to this syntax.)

Students will use their network account for the following.

  • Student Information System, which is used by students to register for classes, add or drop classes, view class schedules, assess degree progress, view grades, print transcripts, and access other academic, personal, and financial information.
  • Log into campus Windows and Macintosh computers.
  • Office 365
  • Canvas
  • The WISC site to purchase discounted software.
  • Library databases

Students are able to change their passwords either in person or over the phone.  Students visiting the Help Desk in person will need a photo ID; students resetting passwords over the phone will need to answer security questions to prove their identity.  This can only be done by the student.  To reset your password, call the Help Desk at (920) 465-2309 or stop by IS 1150.

Students will be notified of their password's expiration two weeks before they are due to expire, with daily notifications thereafter. In addition, pop-up notifications will appear on campus Windows PC beginning two weeks prior to the password expiration date.

For more information on password resets, visit the links below:
Our password requirements
Enrolling in the password reset tool and changing your password
You can also visit our password reset page.

Student Network/Email Account Removal Policy:
Student account purges occur in February and October.  Two weeks before their account removal is scheduled, students will receive a warning message that their account will be removed.  If the student needs to continue using their account to complete course related activities, they should have a faculty or staff member email the Help Desk to explain the reason for the account extension and the period of time that the account will be needed.   Before accounts are deleted, all files in the account are backed up and can be restored within one year if necessary.  Email files are not backed up and cannot be restored if a student requests that their account be reinstated.