eduroam - Connecting a Device to UW-Green Bay's Wireless Network

This document details how to connect a device to the university wireless network called eduroam, and when you should be using eduroam versus a different wireless network.

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Connecting to eduroam
Troubleshooting eduroam

Connecting to eduroam: 

***NOTE: To learn which network you should connect to depending on your device, read this KB: Determining Which Wireless Network to Connect to ***

1. To connect to the UW-Green Bay wireless network, Select eduroam under available networks on your device.

2. Once Selected, you'll be prompted to enter your UW-Green Bay email (with "" at the end) and password.

3. If your device asks to "Trust this network" Select Trust and/or Accept, and you'll be successfully connected to the wireless network.

For specific instructions by device, see these documents:

Wireless Configuration for Windows 10
Mac - Wireless Configuration
eduroam - Connecting to the network on iPod, iPad, and iPhone
Android - Wireless Configuration
Wireless Configuration for Windows Phone

To find out more about eduroam go to the What is eduroam webpage.

Troubleshooting eduroam