eduroam - Connecting a Device to UW-Green Bay's Wireless Network

This document details how to connect a device to the university wireless network called eduroam, and when you should be using eduroam versus a different wireless network.

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Connecting to eduroam
Troubleshooting eduroam

Connecting to eduroam: 

***NOTE: To learn which network you should connect to depending on your device, read this KB: Determining Which Wireless Network to Connect to ***

1. To connect to the UW-Green Bay wireless network, Select eduroam under available networks on your device.

2. Once Selected, you'll be prompted to enter your UW-Green Bay email (with "" at the end) and password.

3. If your device asks to "Trust this network" Select Trust and/or Accept, and you'll be successfully connected to the wireless network.

For specific instructions by device, see these documents:

Wireless Configuration for Windows 10
Mac - Wireless Configuration
eduroam - Connecting to the network on iPod, iPad, and iPhone
Wireless Configuration for Android
Wireless Configuration for Windows Phone

To find out more about eduroam go to the What is eduroam webpage.

Troubleshooting eduroam