UWGB Guest - Wireless Connection Instructions

This document discusses UWGB Guest Wireless connection instructions

Visitors to campus are welcome to use the UWGB Guest wireless network. This wireless network is an unsecure connection.  Guests need only supply their email address to connect to the Internet.

To connect to the UWGB Guest network, follow these steps:

 From your list of available wireless networks, select "UWGB Guest." You will connect to the unsecured network automatically. You may now open your browser.

  1. When the browser opens, you are redirected to the Guest Access page.
  2. Enter a valid email address and select "Log In".
  3. You can now open a web browser and will have Internet access via the 'UWGB Guest' wireless network.
    NOTE: This network only allows web traffic. You can 'surf' the web and do Web-based email. Some high-bandwidth streaming videos may not work well.