UWGB Specialty Labs

This document describes the locations of the specialty labs and what is present in each.

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Some UW - Green Bay specialty labs are designated as teaching labs, while others are strictly resource labs that serve a specific instructional need.

There are two teaching labs available for general use by students when classes are not in session. These are WH 327 and LS 102. Hours and schedules are posted outside these rooms or check the Reservation book which is more accurate than the room postings. http://reservations.uwgb.edu/

Resource labs typically run very unique equipment and/or software and have very limited access. ***NOTE: Unit numbers do not reflect social distancing restrictions.***

 Lab  Location  Units
 Advising  SS 1160  4 Win
 AIC  UU 150  4 Win
 Biology  LS 212  6 Win
 Computer Science  MAC 122  27 Win
 Theater CADD and Sound Lab  TH213  6 Macs
 Education  Wood Hall 425  3 Macs
 Electrical Engineering  IS 1067  5 Win
 Electrical Engineering  IS 1048  9 Win
 Engineering  STEM 214  25 Win
 Field Biology  MAC 139  8 Win
 Graphics  SA 312/314  19 Macs
 Lab Sciences  LS 102  26 Win
 Language  SA 355  5 Win
 Music  SA 260  11 Macs
 Physiology  LS 319  6 Win
 Photography  SA 323  13 Macs
 Psychology  MAC 120X  7 Win
 Psychology  RH 144  6 Win
 Wood Hall  WH 327  46 Win
 Writing  CL 102  26 Win