Configuring a Ricoh MFP to Scan to a Network Folder at UW Green Bay

This document covers how to set up a Ricoh MFP to scan to a network file at UW Green Bay.

These directions apply to only the MFP environment at UW Green Bay.

1. Have the System Admins create a scanning share under the department share folder user will be Share will be\queuename_scans$. User will have modify rights to that folder along with department group account.
2. On the Ricoh – go into address book (must login as admin to see the address book)
3. Add an address book entry with both the Name and Key Display of “Scan to Folder”

4. On the Ricoh web interface – select configuration – Device Settings - File Transfer
5. Enter in the user name for SMB file transfers of and password. 
6. Test the scan to folder settings from the Ricoh.  Users will see a Scan to folder tab when then hit the scanner button on the device. 

The following devices are set to scan to folder:

CIRIC183              \\\CLRIC183_scans$           Ricoh MPC 2051      

PPRIB216             \\\fac_scan$                          Ricoh MP 2553         

DIRIC220              \\\essscans$                         Ricoh MPC 2051      

HRRIC221             \\fpsa,\HRRIC221_scans$          Ricoh MPC 4503     

SERIC225              \\\SERI41_Scans$              Ricoh MPC 4503      

OURIC201            \\\OURIC201_Scans           Ricoh MP C4504ex

Passwords for will be set through PAM with a character set greater than 18, resulting in a requirement to reset these in the Ricoh devices every 3 years.