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GBShare FAQs

The document covers the most frequently asked questions about GBShare and their answers.

Q: How can I save and upload Outlook email messages to GBShare?
A: (A typical Scenario -- "Search and Screen")
  1. If someone wants to share the contents of an email message (just the body of the message), the email should be saved as a TXT or HTM file. (Macintosh users need to be considered when we upload various file types to GBShare).
  2. If a user wishes to save not only the message but the attachments they need to save the message separately and each attachment as well. (If the message has 2 attachments then the user will be uploading 3 documents to GBShare - the message, and the two separate attachments.  (*Again --- we must consider that the recipient of a GBShare link and\or ticket may NOT have Outlook on their PC)
  3. The ONLY time you can save a mail message as a MSG file is when you are certain the recipient of your GBShare link has Outlook installed on their machine.
  4. We prefer step 3 not be used for sharing purposes.
Q: When I try to upload or download files, I get the message: “An error occurred while copying some or all of the selected files.”
A: You might have exceeded your storage allocation. Student accounts are assigned a storage quota of 300 MB; faculty and staff accounts are assigned a storage quota of 1 GB. To check whether you exceeded your quota, log in to GBShare and look at the bar at the bottom of your file listing. You should see your quota allocation, how much you have used and how much you have left. If you have exceeded your quota, you should check how much of the quota your Trash directory is using. If you no longer need the items in your trash, you can empty your trash which will permanently delete these files. You may also request additional storage for your GBShare account by calling the CIT Help Desk at 465-2309. Other reasons for this error may be your Internet Explorer security settings, firewalls, or your Internet services settings. Please contact your network administrator for help if you have not exceeded your quota.

Q: I am getting the error message: “Available bandwidth quota for this file system has been exceeded.” 
A: If you receive this error, it means you have exceeded your bandwidth quota. Students are limited to 1 GB per hour of bandwidth. If you exceed your bandwidth limit due to excessive file transfers (viewing files, uploads or downloads), your account will be disabled for one hour from the time the quota was exceeded.

Q: I can't find a campus user to add to my email or Group.
A: A 'User not found' error will occur if you search in GBShare for a student who has privacy flagged their information under FERPA provisions. If you would like to share files with an individual that has requested this level of privacy, you have several options.
  • You may send the individual a ticket to share files.
  • You may make the directory or file that you wish to share available to all authenticated users using the Sharing option.
  • You can store the files in the other person's account and have them share the space with you.

Q: I'm having trouble uploading or downloading a file; sometimes I get a 'Page cannot be displayed' error.
A: To correct this error, go into Internet Options within Internet Explorer, reset the security level for the Intranet zone to Medium-Low, and clear temporary Internet files. Then close Internet Explorer, reopen it, and log back into GBShare.

Q: What are the differences between Shared Links and Tickets? Which one should I use to share files?
A: Shared Links can only be sent to other GBShare users; they cannot be sent to people off campus. Links are recommended for other campus individuals because they are more secure. Even if the email message containing the link is intercepted or forwarded, others cannot access the files until they've logged into GBShare AND they have permission to the file.

There are 2 easy steps to sharing files via links.
  1. Upload the files into your GBShare account.
  2. Select Share from the toolbar buttons and walk through the sharing wizard.
Tickets can be sent to either on-campus or off-campus users. However, tickets are the only way to share documents with off-campus people. Something to realize about tickets is that once an individual has the ticket URL, they have access to the file. Ticket permissions are not tied to specific users. As a result, ticket URLs could be forwarded and used by other people. Thus you should use caution with ticket URLs, especially if they include write access. Tickets can be password protected to add another layer of security, and an expiration date can be specified for tickets.

There are two basic steps to sharing files via tickets.
  1. Upload the files into your GBShare account.
  2. Email the ticket to the person with whom you'd like to share the files.( Use the email icon if your intent is just read access; otherwise, select manage and then "tickets" from the submenu.)

Tickets are listed as Groups under Users and Groups.  They are deleted automatically when they expire. If the associated file is deleted, the ticket remains until it’s expired.

Q: Sometimes I'm timed out of GBShare. Why does this happen?
A: GBShare has an internal Inactivity Timeout server parameter set at one hour.  This is done for security purposes to ensure that anyone who might walk away from a machine without logging out is not left vulnerable.  However, any activity on any tab in the browser counts to reset the timer. In addition, if you are already logged into GBShare, and then click a link or ticket within an email message, you will be prompted to log in again.  This will then become the active GBShare session and the previous one will timeout.  You can have only one active GBShare session at a time.

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