Campus Email Setup on Android

This article contains instructions on setting up email on a device running the Android operating system. The mail and gmail apps are no longer supported. We recommend users download the Outlook app and configure it for email.

Android 4.4 or later

1. Open "Play Store." 
2. Search for Microsoft Outlook
3. Select Install
4. Open Microsoft Outlook App
5. Press "Get Started."
6. Select "Add Account" if prompted.
7. Enter your UWGB email address (
8. Enter your campus password.
9. Enter a description of the account such as UWGB.
10. Select "Advanced Settings."
11. Enter your full UWGB email address in the Domain\Username field. 


  1. Make sure your username and password are working.  You can test this by logging into Outlook Web Access (  
  2. Email requires TSL 1.2 support.  TSL 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer supported, which means Android version 4.3 or older will no longer work.  These Android devices will also be unable to connect to email through our website (  
  3. IMAP is not supported.  
  4. Mail app previously worked and may continue to work for those with the account currently configured, but we are unable to configure Mail app going forward.  The Gmail app does not work either.