HTML5 video will not display in IE 9

This document discusses how to make your HTML5 video display in IE 9

1. Disable the Compatibility View Icon
In Internet Explorer 9, there is a Compatibility View button on the address bar. If the Compatibility View mode is on, the icon is of a solid color.  When switched off, the icon will turn to an outline.




2. Remove the Website from the Compatibility List
To access the Compatibility View settings, press Alt on the keyboard and click Tools.

Websites can be removed from the compatibility list in the Compatibility View settings. Check whether your website is on the list, and if it is – click Remove.

3. Turn off the Default Compatibility View
In the Compatibility View settings, disable the checkbox “Display all websites in Compatibility View”.

If this is an internal site to UWGB like mediasite, please uncheck "Display Intranet Sites in Compatibility Mode"

Once you turn off the compatibility mode, your HTML5 presentation will be displayed correctly in your Internet Explorer 9 browser.