Printing from Adobe Acrobat on Mac

This document details how to print from Adobe Acrobat to a Ricoh printer. You must go into the Ricoh printing settings in order to pick a job code for the print job to work.

1.) Navigate to File > Print... (Alternatively use the key combination "command"+"p" Note: The QuickPrint icon will not work unless presets have been made).

2.) If you are not using an MFP/Copy/Scan Printers select your desired printer and print as normal. However, for those using MFP/Copy/Scan Printers click on the "Printer..." button in the lower left of the print dialog box.

3.) Continue pass the warning message.

4.) With the MFP/Copy/Scan Printer in the printer area make sure that your job code and color/b&w selection preset is in the preset area. Make sure that you select it again even if it was already filled in the preset box. This is a glitch with Acrobat, and it will force the selection through. If you do not have a preset to chose please call the help desk, and let them know you need a "Mac printing preset for the copier". After the preset has been chosen print as normal.