Office - Installing Microsoft Office on an iPad

This document details how to install Office mobile applications on an Apple iOS device. Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Outlook is also available on the App Store as a separate app.

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1. Navigate to the App Store on your iPad.
Go to AppStore

2. Search the App Store for "Microsoft Office."
Find the MS Apps

3. Once you are presented with the Microsoft Office App, you can install it. If you have downloaded it before, a small cloud icon will appear to download the app. If you have never downloaded the app with your Apple ID before, you will see a GET button; press GET to start the install.

4. The download and install will take about fifteen minutes or more if on a slower WiFi connection.

5. When the installs are done, open the app.
Open one of the Apps

6. Once the Microsoft Office application  is open, you will see welcome tiles. Swipe the the last card to get to the sign in page.
Swipe right

7. Select sign in and provide your campus email address. If for any reason it asks what account to use, select Work.
Select sign inInput camps accountAccount

8. After your email address is verified, you will be directed to our sign in page. Enter your credentials; this will prompt Office to activate.
Sign inOffice active

9. If you wish to opt out of their data collection program, deselect the checkbox at the bottom of the page.
All done