Courses Do Not Show Up / My Course is Missing

The following are several reasons for "missing" courses.

Check with your instructor first!

1) Course is offered in a different Learning Management System (LMS) or on a different platform (e.g. one provided by a textbook company). Students should check wit their instructor(s) if they cannot find the course in Canvas. Instructors should verify their start dates and ensure that the live course (the version containing students from SIS) is "Published."

2) Course is missing from the Dashboard. To check for a course, navigate to Courses > All Courses. Clicking the star next to a course will re-add it to the courses menu (and your Dashboard).

3) You are not yet enrolled in the Canvas course. SIS and the Learning Management Systems integrate during overnight processes. Courses do not show up in Canvas immediately after registering in SIS. If you feel you need a copy of the syllabus or readings after late enrollment, contact your instructor. See the flowchart below for more information.

4) The course has not started yet. Courses do not appear before their start date unless set to do so by the instructor. In some cases, two courses that start on the same day can still have different start dates in Canvas. This is typically because the instructor of the one that does show up has set it to do so; otherwise courses do not show up until the day the class starts in SIS, and once the instructor has published the course. See the flowchart below for more information.

5) The course does not exist on Canvas, is not yet published, or is cross-listed. Check with your instructor first. Not all instructors use Canvas. Check with your instructor to ensure that you should be logging on to complete coursework. Some courses are cross listed (Humanistic Studies and History, for example); make sure you are looking for the right title. Some instructors also hold off on publishing a course the first few days of class for various logistical reasons.

*NOTE: The current deadline is 3:55PM.