SPSS - Installation V27 Instructions for macOS

This document covers how to install SPSS on a Mac.

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System Requirements: MacOS 10.14 or newer  

1. Go to www.uwgb.edu/spss and log in using your UWGB email address and password.

2. Select the "Download for Mac" button. Make sure to copy the authorization code listing on the web-page. This will be used later. 

3. Navigate to your downloads folder or the downloads list in Safari.

4. Double click on "SPSS_Client_27.0.zip."

5. This will create a new file called "SPSS_Client_27.0 2." Open the folder and double click on the installation package.

6. Click Continue

7. Select the desired language and click Continue.

8. Click Agree.

9. Click Install.

10. Input your Mac password if prompted.

11. Wait for the installation to finish. This could take several minutes.

12. After the install is finished click Close and then Move to Trash.

13. A box should come up like the one below. Click Next.

14. Click "Authorized user license" and then click Next.

15. Input the code from step 2 and click Add.

16. Click Next.

17. A box should come up that says "Successfully processed all codes." Click Next.

18. Click Finish.

19. Open SPSS to make sure it opens successfully.