Course Copy Checklist

This document will go over some best practices about what to copy from one semester to the next, and some things to look out for that are commonly missed.





Verify semester is the correct one to copy from.

i.e. if it is a summer course dates will be easier to adjust if pulling from another summer course. Fall: Fall, Spring: Spring.


Automatically copies from the semester/version you are copying from



Make sure widgets are still accurate: RSS feeds working? Twitter feed pulling from correct #hashtag? Etc.



Adjust dates to release later, or delete old news items.

Make sure you’re actually deleting the news posts rather than just dismissing it with the small (x) in the upper right-hand corner.


  • Adjust dates to reflect new semester if applicable
  • Check external links to verify they’re still live
  • Check content for links that may have moved/404 errors
  • Check embedded Media

If you only selected certain content modules be sure to check the box: “Include associated files”


  • Adjust dates to reflect new semester if applicable
  • Verify Turnitin Integration
  • Check to see if it’s tied to a grade item

You may have to enable Turnitin with 10.6 integration and agree to EULA statement.


  • Adjust dates
  • Adjust group restrictions
  • Adjust visibility
  • Check to see if it is tied to a grade item. Verify instructor knows about 1-1 grade item relationship.

Only copy forums if using group restrictions. It is easier to rebuild the groups every semester rather than retroactively tie them to the topic.


  • Verify auto enrollment for groups that require it
  • Verify that the groups in use are correct: # of groups, or groups of #.

Do not copy groups for group restricted topics.


  • Check question library
  • Review quiz settings
  • Adjust dates
  • Is it tied to a grade item?

If adjusting questions from the question library, be sure to also change them in the quiz as well. The quiz pulls from the question library—but makes a copy of the question.


  • Do you need to adjust weights, categories, or schemes?
  • Points/weights match syllabus
  • Auto-export/tied grade items are adjusted.

Go through Setup Wizard if adjusting multiple things: i.e. keeping final calculated grade up to date, final calculated or final adjusted grade released at the end of the semester, points versus weighted gradebook?


  • Adjust dates
  • Check visibility



  • Publisher Integration links
  • Custom links in Navigation Bar
  • Student resources links