Kentico - Wrapping images within a Paragraph

Follow the steps below to right or left align an image to a specific paragraph.

In this example the rose is "right-aligned" to the paragraph the begins with the word "Video".


(1) Before inserting an image, position the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph that the image will align to. (2) Next, click on the 'insert image or media' button from the edit menu.

(1) Select the Media libraries tab, (2) then the specific library, (3) Select the image and (4) make whatever size adjustment is necessary in the image edit pane.


(5) Most images need the size modified - in this example, 770 width has been changed to 300. (keep the ratio so the height auto-updates). Move to the "Advanced" tab and use the proper CLASS syntax to either right-align or left-align the image. Finally, return to the "General" tab and select Save & Close.


Left-Align class syntax = pull-left img-padding-right


Right-Align class syntax = pull-right img-padding-left