Printing - Entering a User Code for a Ricoh Printer in Windows 10

This document shows how to enter a job code for a Ricoh printer in Windows 10.

1. Navigate to the Control Panel page by searching for "Control Panel" in the search bar located on the left side of the Windows task bar.


2. Select View devices and printers.


3. Right-tap on the printer and select Printing preferences.


4. If the printer preferences window displays a Detailed Settings tab, go to step 4a. If it has a Valid Access tab, go to 4b.

4a. Detailed Settings:

Navigate to the Detailed Settings tab. From there, under Menu, there should be a Job Setup option. Upon selecting Job Setup, input your 4-digit user code and hit Apply.  If you are unsure of your user code, please contact the Help Desk.  If you have not been assigned a user code, please contact your supervisor.


4b. Valid Access

Select the Valid Access tab, type in your user code, and press Apply.  Then, select OK to exit.

Your job code will now be saved in the printer's settings and your printer should be ready for use.