Modifying Jump Lists in Windows 10

This is a guide on how to clear items off of your jump list or disable it entirely.

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Turning off the jump list
Removing individual suggestions from the jump list:

Turning off the jump list:
1. Enter the Start Menu.
2. Go to Settings using the gear button.

3. Press on Start.

4. Turn Jump Lists on or off here. 

Switching to "Off" will 1) clear all existing jump lists and 2) disable any further jump lists from being created. (Switch to "On" to create recent item lists again from your applications.)

Removing individual suggestions from the jump list:
1. Make sure that the program whose jump list you would like to clear is open on the taskbar.
2. Right-tap the program's icon on the taskbar.
3. Right-tap the item on the jump list that you would like to remove.
4. Select "Remove from this list."

To remove multiple items from the jump list simultaneously, follow the guide on how to disable a jump list above, but re-enable the feature after disabling it. This will clear all of the suggested items from your jump list.