What We Do - Exam Scanning

Information Services offers a test scoring and analysis service to the instructors at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Exam Scanning

Information Services offers a test scoring and analysis service to the instructors at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. If an instructor designs a multiple choice answer test, a scanner sheet can be used for the student’s responses and then can be read and scored. The results include: an exam summary, test scores, class roster, an item analysis of the questions, and the absolute frequency of scores on the exam. E-mailing students their grades is also an option for instructors. There is no charge for any of the scoring services currently being offered. However, each unit is responsible for obtaining the NCS answer sheets, available through "Stores" through their area's support person.

Completed Exam Sheets are processed by an NCS Pearson OpScan 8 Optical Scanning unit. Only NCS original scanner sheets can be used. Photocopies will not scan properly, and pencils are strongly encouraged on Exam Sheets.
A "key" answer sheet must be provided by the instructor when submitting an exam to be graded.
True/False questions are handled by using response patterns A and B respectively.
There are several options that will enhance your usage of the test-grader. Please take the time to examine the options before submitting your test.
Please feel free to call or e-mail Mike Schmitt in Media Services with any questions regarding test services.
Phone: 465-2507
E-mail: schmittm@uwgb.edu

Instructing Students In Use Of Answer Sheets

Adequate time should be given at the beginning of the test for students to code all identifying information on the answer sheet. In addition, the following instructions should be discussed:
Students should be directed to fill in their last name, and first name, in the appropriate fields. Next, instruct students to blacken the corresponding bubble below each letter in their name.
Students will need to fill in the last nine digits of their Student ID Number in the "IDENTIFICATION FIELD", (columns A-I, leaving J blank). Again the bubbles corresponding to those numbers must be darkened.
The answer sheet allows for 5 possible responses, but can accept only one response per question. The grading program compares the student's responses to the instructor's key sheet answers.

Turning in Response Sheets to be Scored

Instructors should deposit tests to be scored in the "Drop Box" located outside of IS 1010. Exams are processed Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Most exams will be processed the same day they are received; however, instructors should allow for two business days processing time.
Before submitting tests to be scored, the instructor should check them thoroughly for the following:

Using the Test-Grader: Filling Out NCS Exam Forms Instructor's Answer Key

On the answer key, the instructor must fill in their network login ID in the last name field. This is the beginning of your e-mail address before '@uwgb.edu'. For example, if your name was Mike Schmitt, then your login ID would be 'schmittm'. That is what would be put in the last name field. Then, the corresponding bubbles below each letter must be darkened to match. See the example below:

Identification Fields
The Identification Field is the information that is specific for each individual test. It must include the number of questions on the exam and the course number as well. It can also optionally include the date the exam was given. See the example below, which includes explanations of each of the fields to be filled in.

Student's Sheet
The last 9 digits of a student's Identification Number are required. Column J must be left blank. Please emphasize to the students that it is critical that this number be correctly entered.

The key things to remember when using Test Scanning service

  1. Only NCS specific scoring sheets (available through your department support person) can be used.
  2. The instructor answer key must be filled out as described in this documentation.Of particular importance:
    • Your "CLASS" number (found on SIS) is required in the Special Codes field on the Instructor Key. This changes each semester.
    • Number of questions is coded in columns C, D, and E of the Identification Field. If you code 25 questions, then decide to throw out #19, code "024" in C,D, & E. "Blank" bubbles will not be included in the stats. The number of actual questions filled in with answers MUST match the question count as designated by columns C, D, and E.
  3. Please notify Mike Schmitt by e-mail each semester with your authorization list (individuals who can pick up/drop off exams on your behalf). Exams must be hand delivered and picked up. Policy prevents Media Services from sending them via intercampus mail.
  4. Students MUST ALWAYS include the last nine digits of their student ID number in columns "A - I" and should leave column "J" blank. (Every exam sheet MUST have this 9-digit number regardless of what options you choose).
  5. Students are strongly encouraged to use pencil. Changes to their answer sheet cannot be made using ink.
  6. Only one answer per question is allowed. Sheets with multiple answers won't scan. An additional reminder: please use pencils.
If you have any questions about this service, please contact Mike Schmitt in Media Services at (920)-465-2507.