Using Conference Now for On-Demand Conference Calls

The following is a guide for configuring, hosting, and joining conference calls for up to 15 phone lines using the Conference Now system. This is available to all UW-Green Bay main campus employees.

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To Join a Conference Now Conference Call as a Meeting Attendee

The following can be sent to attendees as instructions for joining your conference: To Join a Conference Now Conference Call as a Meeting Attendee
To set up and configure your Conference Now meeting line:

1. Open a web browser and navigate to
2. Log in using your UWGB User Id and password.
3. Choose the General Settings tab.

4. Scroll down to the Phone Services PIN section
    i.Enter and confirm a New Phone PIN that you can remember. This will be your HOST PIN that you will personally use to start a conference as the host. DO NOT share your PIN with other users.
    ii.  Click SAVE when the button appears.

5. Scroll down to the Conference Now section. 

    i.   The Meeting Number field will contain your campus telephone extension number and cannot be changed. (If this field is blank, an account administrator will have to update your account before you can complete the setup of your Conference Now line. Please contact the IT Help Desk at x2309 or
    ii.  Create an Attendees Access Code. This code will act as a password that your attendees will use to access the conference.
    iii. Press the TAB key on your keyboard, the save button will appear, then click SAVE. 

6. Send the Meeting Number and Attendees Access Code to all of your meeting attendees.

To start a Conference Now conference call as the meeting host:
From any phone:
* Dial the Conference Now access number:  5678 from an on-campus phone. (1-920-465-5678 from off-campus)
* Enter your Meeting Number followed by #.
* Enter your Host PIN followed by #.
* There is no confirmation message or sound before you are placed in the conference. You are immediately placed in the conference after entering your PIN and will hear a beep when the first attendee joins.
* Remember, a maximum of 15 callers (14 plus you) can dial in to your meeting.

To join a Conference Now conference call as a meeting attendee:
* Dial the Conference Now access number
    - 5678 from an on-campus phone
    - Local callers can dial 465-5678
    - Long distance callers dial 1-920-465-5678
* Enter the Meeting Number followed by the # sign.
* Enter the Attendees Access Code followed by the # sign.
* If a meeting attendee connects before the host, after entering the Meeting Number they will have to follow the audible instructions and press # to bypass the host PIN entry. The attendee will then be prompted to enter the Attendees Access Code and will hear music once the code is entered and they are placed on hold in the conference. The conference will not start until the host joins.