VoIP - Change PIN for Campus Phone

The following outlines how to change your campus phone's PIN.

Note: Department voice mailboxes (for examples, "Admissions") can't be reset through the web portal; they need to be reset on the phone in the department.  

1. From any browser, enter http://voicemail.uwgb.edu. Enter your campus User ID and password and select Sign In
Voicemail login

2. From the menu bar, select Settings

3. Select Change PIN, from the Passwords drop down menu. Select Change PIN.
Change PIN

4. Enter a new PIN and press Save. Requirements are below.

Requirements for a PIN:
  • Length must be a minimum of 6 digits.
  • The digits can't be all the same (for example, 999999).
  • The digits can't be consecutive (for example, 1234 or 4321).
  • The password or PIN is not the same as the primary extension that is assigned to the user. 
  • A new password can't be one of the previous 5 PINS used.
Your voicemail PIN is required to be changed every 180 days.