Kentico - UWGB RSS Repater Widget

This document will showcase the properties and how to use the RSS Feed Widget. An RSS Feed is based on the UWGB's Inside UW-Green Bay News:

1. Open the RSS Feed Widget

2. Fill in the Title if need.

3. Paste the URL into "RSS Feed URL" and make the following modification as need.
   -add an "s" after http
   -add "feed/" after the URL

4. Copy the URL and paste it into "More Link"

5. Select a RSS Feed Type
   -Calendar: If the source is from
   -UWGB Blog: If the source is a blog

6. Enter in the number of items the repeater should display.

7. "Check" the following if need (NOTE: only appear if RSS Feed Type is calendar)
      -Event Start Time: display time
      -Event Location: display location
      -Even Description: display beginning paragraph

8. "Save & Close"

9. "Save" and then "Preview"

10. When properly configured an RSS feed on your page will look something like this: