VoIP - Forward Calls to Another Phone

Follow these steps to set up Call Forwarding on your phone. Method 1 is set up on the physical phone, while Method 2 can be done remotely from a web browser.

Method 1

1. Press the "Forward all" button on your Cisco Phone.


2. Enter the Call Forwarding number. (Include an 8 and 1.)

3. The Call Forwarding number will display in the upper left-hand side of the phone.

4. To cancel the Call Forwarding, just press the "Forward off" button.

Method 2

1. Go to phone.uwgb.edu

2. Click on the Phones tab and then select Call Forwarding. Check the box for "Forward calls to..."  Either select a number that you've provided in the past or enter a new one. Add 81 before the phone number (e.g. 819204652309).
Call Forwarding

Note: If you prefer to have your calls delivered to both your office phone and your cellphone, please contact the Help Desk and ask for assistance with Single Number Reac.