Calendar Linking in Sharepoint

This documentation will walk you through how to link a calendar in SharePoint to Outlook. The example uses the IS Staff Calendar as an example.

Calendar Linking in Sharepoint

1.       Navigate to the calendar in SharePoint.  The IS Staff calendar is located at:

2.       Once in the calendar, click on the calendar menu tab

3.       A new option to 'Connect to Outlook' Shows up.  Click this icon

4.       When prompted, click 'Open Link'

5.       Navigate to Outlook and go to the calendar tab (if it doesn't open automatically), you will now see a new calendar under 'Other Calendars' labeled Information Technology Division - ITD Staff Calendar

6.       The calendar will automatically sync between Outlook and SharePoint.  So if you make changes it SharePoint it syncs back to Outlook, if changed in Outlook it syncs to SharePoint