Wireless - How to Connect to eduroam Using a Linux Distro

This document details how to connect your Linux device to eduroam.

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eduroam - Connecting a Device to UW-Green Bay's Wireless Network

1. Select the Network icon in the System Tray and select eduroam.
2. In the dialogue box, set "Wireless Security" to WPA & WPA2 Enterprise.
3. Set Authentication to Protected EAP (PEAP).
4. Ensure "Anonymous Identity" is left blank.
5. Set CA Certificate to (None).
6. Set PEAP Version to Version 0.
7. Set Inner Authentication to MSCHAPv2.
8. Provide your university username followed by @uwgb.edu (e.g. abcdef12@uwgb.edu).  Enter your password, then click the Connect button.
9. In the new dialogue box, select the "Don't warn me again" checkbox, then select "Ignore."
10. After a brief wait, your computer will connect to eduroam.