Outlook - Forward an Email as an Attachment

This article shows how to forward an email as an attachment in either desktop Outlook or Outlook Web Access.

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On occasion, it may become necessary or desirable to forward an e-mail to someone else as an attachment. In particular, faculty, staff, and students are strongly encouraged to use this method for reporting spam or phishing to abuse@uwgb.edu. Doing so provides a host of useful information about where the message came from and how it got to UWGB. Below are instructions on how to forward a message as an attachment through either the desktop version of Outlook or Outlook Web Access.

Desktop Outlook:
1. Select the email you wish to forward as an attachment from the message list.
2. If you're not already there, navigate to the "Home" tab of the ribbon:

3. From the "More" drop down menu to the right of the "Reply and "Forward" buttons, select Forward as Attachment:
4. Address the new message as desired, then click Send.

Outlook Web Access (OWA):

1. Find the email to be forwarded in the message list.
2. Create a new email and address it as desired.
3. Without selecting it, drag and drop the message to be forwarded from the message list to the body of the new email:Dragging and dropping suspect message

4. Select Send.