Remote Lab - Student Access

This document will explain and show the user how to sign into the remote lab system.

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Connecting to Remote Lab
Connection not Private Error
Enable Audio
Sign Out

Recommendations for using Remote Lab:
  • At least 10Mbps internet speed
  • It will not work with VPN enabled.
  • Please log off after every use to allow other users access.

Connecting to Remote Lab

1. Go to

2. Sign in using your campus username and password. If this does not work, select "Download the Horizon Client for Windows (x64)" below the sign in box.

3. Select the lab that you want to connect to. For a list of applications that are available in each lab, please click here: Software Configurations in the Campus Computer Labs by Location .

If you get a screen that says "Your connection is not private" or "Potential Security Risk Ahead"

Follow the steps from the following article: "Your connection is not private error" in Browser 

4. You are now remotely connected to our campus machine and automatically signed in. 

Enable Audio:

If you get a message that says "Click to enable audio", select OK.

When you are done using Remote Lab, sign out of the machine and close the tab or window. Please see below for instructions on how to sign out.

1. Select the Start Icon on the bottom left.

2. Select the person icon on the left side of the menu that comes up.

3. Select Sign out.

4. Wait for it to log you out and then select Close.