Adobe - Signing In

This article details how to sign in to Adobe when it prompts for a login.

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Software Center

1. Open any Adobe program.

2. When prompted, sign in with your UW-Green Bay email and Select Continue or Enter.

screenshot of adobe sign in

3. The UW-Green Bay Single Sign-On (SSO) should pop up. Enter in full UW-Green Bay email and password, then Select "Sign in" or Enter.

screenshot of uwgb adobe signing

4. You will see the following window. Select "Faculty and Staff".

screenshot of DUO signin

5. In the following pop-up, Select "Send Me a Push," and you should receive a notification on your personal device to verify your log-in.

screenshot of DUO push

6. The next screen that pops up should say Welcome.  This is how you know the sign-in process was successful.