VoIP - Accessing Voicemail Box Remotely

Instructions for accessing Cisco Voicemail box remotely for listening to voicemail messages, changing greetings, etc.

Accessing Voicemails
Changing Your Greeting

Accessing Voicemails
From your phone:
1. Dial your full University phone number
2. Hit * after the voicemail system answers
3. The system  will prompt you to "enter your ID followed by pound;" enter your 4 digit extension (final 4 digits of your University phone number) followed by #
4. The system will prompt you to "Enter your PIN followed by pound;" enter your voicemail PIN followed by #
5. Follow the system prompts within voicemail as you normally would to manage messages, greetings, etc.  

From a web browser:
1. Log into phone.uwgb.edu
2. From the main page, you can view your various phones.  To go to your voicemail, select the Voicemail tab up at the top.  
 My Phones

3. From the Voicemail tab, select Dial Voicemail Preferences IVR to change your voicemail preferences and access your direct voicemail.  Select Launch Voicemail Inbox to gain access to your voicemail web inbox.

Another option is to use voicemail.uwgb.edu.
1. Log in with your username and password.
2. Your voicemails should be listed.

Changing Your Greeting
1. Log into voicemail.uwgb.edu.
2. Select Settings.

3. Go to Greetings and click View Greetings in the drop down.
View Greetings

4. Choose which greeting you would like to modify by clicking on it. Be sure to check if the greeting is enabled.  If you need to just select a greeting, enable it.

5. Once you've clicked on a greeting, you will see the following screen:
Choose My Personal Recording and use the tool to record your message.  Select Save to finish.