VPN - SafeConnect VPN Connection Instructions for macOS

Faculty and staff with personally-owned Macs may install our SafeConnect VPN so that they can connect to certain campus resources that normally require being on campus. This allows users to connect to network shares from their personal computers.

For users who need VPN installed on their UWGB laptop, please contact the Help Desk.

1. Please make sure your Mac is up to date prior to installing VPN.  It needs to be on one of the latest three major versions of macOS.

2. From a browser, navigate to https://safeconnect.uwgb.edu.
Safeconnect 1

3. Log in with your UWGB credentials
Safeconnect 2

4. Authenticate with Duo
Safeconnect 3

5. Select the Mac 32/64 bit Global Protect agent.
Safeconnect 4

6. Open Finder and go to Downloads.
7. Double-tap on GlobalProtect.pkg in Finder.
Safeconnect 5

8. Select Continue.
Safeconnect 6

9. Select Continue.
Safeconnect 7

10. Select Install.
Safeconnect 8

11. Enter your computer's username and password.  Then, select Install Software.
Safeconnect 9

12. System Extension Blocked popup will appear.  Select Open Security Preferences.  If you selected OK, or if you already had System Preferences open, then in System Preferences, open Security & Privacy.  

13. Press the lock in the lower left of the window to unlock settings on Security & Privacy window.  

14. Enter your Mac's password to unlock the settings.

15. Where it says 'System software from developer "Palo Alto Networks" was blocked from loading.' select the Allow button.  It's possible it may say from other vendors there if you had pending system extensions to allow.  

16. Select the globe at the top of your screen (toward the top right) and enter the portal address as safeconnect.uwgb.edu.
Safeconnect 10

17. Select Connect.
18. A GlobalProtect login screen will pop up.  Enter your UWGB email and password and select Sign in.
Safeconnect 11

19. Authenticate with Duo.
Safeconnect 12

20. Three popups in a row where GlobalProtect asks for access to Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folders.  Select OK for all three prompts. 
VPn 15B
You should now be connected.

If you have a Windows desktop in your office, you can use Microsoft Remote Desktop to access it: Mac - Installing Remote Desktop Connection 
Otherwise you can map network shares as if you were a University Mac on Campus: Mac - Connecting to Network Shares