OneDrive - Moving Files from your M: Drive to OneDrive

This document outlines how to move a file from your M: drive to OneDrive.

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Remote Lab - Student Access
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1. Log into Remote Lab using your UWGB username and password.  See the following document: Remote Lab - Student Access 

remote lab 1

2. Select OK to be automatically logged into a lab computer.
remote lab 5

Note: You may also have to click OK to enable audio.
remote lab 6

4. Select File Explorer.
remote lab 7

7. Find your M: drive along the left hand side.
remote lab 8

5. Find your document within your M: drive.
remote lab 9

6. Click and drag your file from File Explorer to your OneDrive. For more about OneDrive, visit OneDrive - UWGB User Guide .

To save space, we recommend deleting the original file from your M: drive.