Jabber - Setup for Windows 10

This document outlines the setup and use of Cisco Jabber for Windows 10.

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1. The Cisco Jabber workstation client is available from the following page: Webex. Select Download for your OS.


2. Press the caret next to the download and select Open.

3. Select Accept and Install when prompted.
Jabber 3

4. Select Yes if prompted whether you will allow the Cisco Jabber application to make changes to your device.
5. Select Finish.
Jabber 4

6. Open the Jabber client. If this is the initial installation, it will open automatically; otherwise, find the icon on your desktop. At the following screen, add your UWGB login credentials and select Sign in. 
Jabber 5

7. Cisco Jabber will open.
Jabber 6

8. Jabber defaults to placing calls from your office phone, so, in order to place calls from your computer, you must choose the Call Settings icon in the lower-right corner of the calls list and change the device for calls to "Use my computer."
Jabber Device For Calls Settings Image

There are multiple buttons along the left side of the window. In this instance we’re looking at the “Calls” section. From here you can enter a number in the “search or call” text box at the top of the window and hit ENTER to dial. You can dial as if you were using your Cisco phone in the office, including 4-digit extensions.