Conference Now - Join a Conference Call as a Meeting Attendee

This document details how to join a Conference Now call as a meeting attendee.

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Joining a Conference Call

1. Dial the Conference Now access number:

        a. 5678 from an on-campus phone.

        b. 465-5678 for local callers.

        c. 1-920-465-5678 for long-distance callers.

2. Enter the Meeting Number followed by the # sign.

3. Enter the Attendees Access Code followed by the # sign.

***NOTE: If a meeting attendee connects before the host, after entering the Meeting Number they will have to follow the audible instructions and press # to bypass the host PIN entry. The attendee will then be prompted to enter the Attendees Access Code and will hear music once the code is entered and they are placed on hold in the conference. The conference will not start until the host joins.***