RescueAssist - Connecting as a Customer

This article outlines how to connect to the Help Desk through RescueAssist. You must be sent an invitation from the Help Desk so, if you require this type of support, please call (920) 465-2309 or email

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RescueAssist - Connecting as a Customer (macOS Catalina)

1. Select the link sent to you by the Help Desk.

2. The link will open a window in your preferred browser.  Click Download Application in the chat window.
Download application

3. The downloading application will appear at the bottom of your screen.  Double-tap to run.

4. Your session will begin.  The duration of the session can be seen on your right.
Session duration

5. To exit the session, select End Session.
End session

6. Confirm End Session.
Confirm end session