Selecting the Right Tool For Your Remote Meeting

This document details the remote meeting platforms available to UWGB employees and students and highlights their key features in order to help users make decisions on which tool to use for their meetings.

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Remote Meeting Platforms
Conference Now Meetings
Microsoft Teams Meetings
Zoom Meetings
Large Events

Remote Meeting Platforms

Remote Meeting Platforms
Conference Now Microsoft Teams Meetings Zoom
Phone Connection
PC Connection (VoIP)
Screen Sharing
Max Participants 25 250 300
Additional Fee for User
External Users can Connect
Students can Create Sessions
Requires Download
Use on Mobile Phone Audio Only With App App or Phone Number
Built-in Recording Feature

Conference Now Meetings 

This option is recommended for voice-only meetings, and is useful if anyone on your team is unable to connect with a computer and has only the ability to call into a meeting.

Utilizing our Cisco VoIP system, all employees can log into our Cisco Unified Communications Self-Care Portal to setup an on-demand conference call number.

This service only needs to be setup once and can be reused over and over.

The following KB contains instructions for setup and information for participants of a meeting: Conference Now - On-Demand Conference Calls.

***NOTE: There is a 25-participant limit.***

Microsoft Teams Meetings 

This option is recommended for video meetings.

Microsoft Teams can be accessed through Office 365 and it is available to all employees and students. Teams meetings can be scheduled via the Teams app, Outlook in Office 365, or the desktop Outlook application (2019 or newer version only). Meetings can be joined via the Microsoft Teams desktop application or via the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Anyone can join a Teams Meeting. While you need a UWGB account to create and schedule a meeting, external users can be invited to meetings and join as guests through the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. The Teams desktop application is available as a free download and provides the most fully featured experience.

While video is not required, at minimum, participants will need a microphone connected or built-in to their computer to speak during the meeting.

Users can join from mobile phones by downloading the free Microsoft Teams app for Android or iOS. They do not need to sign in and can join as guests.

Each meeting can include up to 250 participants.

Presenters can share their screen, PowerPoint files, or a virtual whiteboard with participants. Currently, only users on the Teams desktop app or Google Chrome can share content (this limitation does not apply to viewing shared content).

Meetings include a text chat panel.

Navigate to the following KB article for instructions on creating meetings: Microsoft Teams - Scheduling a Teams Meeting.

Navigate to the following KB article for instructions on joining meetings: Microsoft Teams - Joining a Teams Meeting on the Web.

***NOTE: The UWGB license for this product does not allow a call-in feature for Teams.***

Zoom Meetings 

This option is recommended for online and call-in combo meetings. 

Zoom is the only online conferencing tool that UWGB currently has that will allow both video and call-in meetings.

All employees and/or students can setup their own Zoom sessions by navigating to the UW-Green Bay homepage and selecting Zoom under quick links:

Zoom offers a desktop application and allows user to access meetings online with their web browser. Navigate to the following KB for more information on how to sign into the application: Zoom - Signing into the Desktop Application.

Mobile users can join via the corresponding app for IOS or Android.

Zoom allows up to 300 participants for each meeting.

Presenters can share their screen, PowerPoint and PDF files, or a video with participants.

Sessions include a text chat panel.

Breakout rooms can be created within a session. (NOTE: When recording a session, breakout groups are not recorded).

For more information about Zoom's services and about creating your account, look at this document: Zoom - Service Overview.

Large Events

Zoom and Microsoft Teams both have features that can be enabled to accommodate large webinar-style events for more than 250 participants.

Presenters can share audio, video, and presentation content, but these large events limit audience participation to text chat only. Chat can also be turned off if desired.

If you would like to host a large online event for more than 250 participants, please contact the GBIT Service Desk at or (920) 465-2309 for a consultation and instructions on how to activate these features for your meeting.