1. MiFi 7000 User Guide
  2. Canvas - Enable Third-Party Cookies for Kaltura Videos and Other External Tools
  3. Add PDFs to WordPress Media Library
  4. Digital Identity Inforgraphic
  5. Add Page to Menu in WordPress
  6. VPN - Information Regarding Third-Party VPN Products
  7. Kentico - Insert a YouTube video
  8. Kentico - Using Anchor tags (Page Jumps)
  9. Creating a Calendar Invite (Meeting Request)
  10. Wordpress Plugin: PDF Embedder
  11. Courses Do Not Show Up / My Course is Missing
  12. Plasma Screen Instructions in 605M
  13. Troubleshooting Java Based Web Applications
  14. How Many Books Can I Have Checked out at One Time?
  15. Will the Library Pull Books off the Shelf for Me?
  16. Are There Photocopiers in the Library?
  17. What Software Does the Library Offer?
  18. Where Can I Park When I Visit the Library?
  19. If I Am Not a Student, Can I Use the Library Databases?
  20. If I Am Not a Student, Can I Still Check out Library Materials?
  21. How Do I Get Help with Research?
  22. How Do I Format a Bibliography or Works Cited List?
  23. Can I Print and Make Photocopies If I Am Not a UW-Green Bay Student?
  24. Passprint U-Print-It (Pharos) Info
  25. Laptop Checkout for Faculty & Staff
  26. Staff, Students and Campus Guests: Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources
  27. Library Hours