1. When to direct student help requests back to the student's instructor for D2L
  2. Kaltura - Adding a Interactive Video Quiz as an Assignment
  3. Kaltura (Capture) - Updating Kaltura Personal Capture
  4. Kaltura (Canvas) - Uploading Videos
  5. Kaltura - Recording Video with Kaltura Capture
  6. Kaltura (Captioning) - Adding and Editing Machine Captions
  7. Kaltura - Creating Manual Playlists
  8. How to Claim a UWGB Domain
  9. Kaltura Media in Canvas
  10. ATS Support Hours
  11. Software Solutions for Lecture Capture
  12. YouTube videos to Auto-play in PowerPoint 2016
  13. Kentico - Insert a YouTube video
  14. Kentico - Using Anchor tags (Page Jumps)
  15. Lynda.com - Frequently Asked Questions
  16. Software Center Updates - Manual or Automatic?
  17. Logging into lynda.com (2 Methods)
  18. Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder
  19. Classlist Enrollment in D2L
  20. Playing audio from PowerPoints in D2L
  21. Exporting and Importing Contact Lists from Outlook
  22. Password reset for UW-Manitowoc,UW-Sheboygan,UW-Marinnette.
  23. Getting Embed Code from My Media (Kaltura)
  24. Text Notifications in D2L Unavailable
  25. Expectations when taking an online course
  26. Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite
  27. How to Delete things "Quickly" in D2L
  28. How to Install WordPress on your UWGB Domain
  29. D2L - Content
  30. D2L - Quizzes
  31. D2L - Grades & Grading
  32. Delete a course from my D2L/Canvas page
  33. Students: Using the Dropbox in D2L
  34. Mediasite Video Won't Play or It Plays Slowly
  35. Joining a Session in Blackboard Collaborate on a PC
  36. Switching Between Grid and Reading View (Discussions in D2L)
  37. Seeing All Discussion Posts Authored by a Student in D2L version 10.3
  38. Restoring Deleted Discussions in D2L
  39. Sorting through Discussion Posts in D2L version 10.3
  40. Viewing Turnitin Dropbox submissions in D2L
  41. Inserting a Video into D2L from Films on Demand
  42. Creating a clip of a video in Kaltura (Media Management Portal)
  43. Kaltura Playlists (in My Media)
  44. Logging into Online Rooms on a Mac
  45. Downloading One of Your Kaltura Videos
  46. Submitting an assignment to a D2L dropbox from the locker
  47. Courses Do Not Show up in D2L or Canvas
  48. Enabling Turnitin (Orginality Checking) within a D2L Dropbox Folder
  49. Email in D2L
  50. Customizing Your Course's Navigation Bar in D2L
  51. Enrolling a user in Your D2L Course
  52. Copying Discussion Topics and Forums in D2L
  53. Joining a Topic, Reading Posts, and Posting Messages in the Discussion Tool of D2L
  54. Viewing Student Submissions to a Dropbox in D2L
  55. Editing Topics and Forums in the Discussion Tool of D2L
  56. Changing Your Personal Discussion View Settings in D2L
  57. Editing a Dropbox Folder or Category in D2L
  58. Re-ordering Dropbox Categories or Folders in D2L
  59. Creating Topics and Forums for Discussions in D2L
  60. Deleting a Discussion Forum or Topic in D2L
  61. Creating Dropbox Categories and Folders in D2L
  62. Moderating Discussions in D2L
  63. Deleting a Dropbox Category or Folder in D2L
  64. Restricting Access to Discussion Forums and Topics in D2L
  65. Turnitin Overview for Dropboxes in D2L
  66. Dropbox Overview in D2L
  67. Viewing Discussion Statistics in D2L
  68. Using Turnitin (Originality Checking) in D2L
  69. Re-ordering Discussion Forums and Topics in D2L
  70. Using ePortfolio in D2L
  71. Changing the Enrollment in Discussion Groups
  72. Creating Discussion Groups and Group-Restricted Topics for Forums that Already Exist
  73. Creating Discussion Groups in D2L and Adding Group-Restricted Discussion Topics for Discussion Groups
  74. Discussion Tool Overview in D2L version 10.3
  75. Restoring a deleted discussion thread in D2L
  76. Checking student progress in your D2L Course
  77. Un-Delete discussion posts in d2l
  78. Configuring Out of Office replies in Outlook
  79. How to Migrate Course from D2L to Canvas
  80. Digital Identity Inforgraphic
  81. Staff, Students and Campus Guests: Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources
  82. Activating D2L Course
  83. Add PDFs to WordPress Media Library
  84. Remove WordPress Widgets from Sidebar or Homepage
  85. How to Log Into your Subdomain
  86. How to Add a Theme in WordPress
  87. Upload Existing Media Directly into your D2L Course
  88. Combination of D2L Courses
  89. Student Long Term (Extended) Access
  90. How to Add a Network Printer in Windows 10
  91. How to Add Plugins to WordPress Site
  92. Static Home Page vs. Blog Page in WordPress
  93. Add Page to Menu in WordPress
  94. How to Make a Contact Page in WordPress
  95. Wordpress Plugin: PDF Embedder
  96. Course Access for Instructors
  97. Create groups & assign to a group restricted topic
  98. HTML5 video will not display in IE 9
  99. Qualtrics Support
  100. Self-enrolled D2L groups - for students
  101. How to Claim an award in D2L and send to Mozilla Backpack
  102. Map Drive on Windows 10
  103. Edit or Delete a Discussion Post
  104. Course Copy Checklist
  105. Request Ownership Transfer of Qualtrics Survey
  106. Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Guest)
  107. Add Course Gallery to D2L Homepage
  108. Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Instructor)
  109. Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Student)
  110. Formative and Summative Assessment
  111. Students Accessing Submission Views in D2L Quizzes
  112. Creating a Calendar Invite (Meeting Request)
  113. D2L Quizzes (Students)
  114. Navigation Errors and Messages in D2L
  115. Viewing Feedback in D2L Dropbox
  116. Navigation Bar - Adding, Removing and Renaming
  117. Manually Adding Students to a D2L Course
  118. Adjusting Course Start Date and End Date in D2L
  119. How to use Role Switch
  120. Grading Group Restricted Discussion Topics
  121. Managing Groups
  122. Dropbox Instructions for Faculty
  123. How to Access your Network Drive with Mac OS X (On & Off-campus)
  124. Wood Hall 440 Collaborative Classroom Technology Video Guide
  125. How to Export ePortfolio from D2L to mydesire2learn
  126. Creating and Edudentity Account
  127. New Video or Audio in D2L
  128. Kaltura MediaSpace Mobile Recorder--Apple Device
  129. How to Upload a Mobile Recording with Kaltura MediaSpace--Apple Device
  130. How to Launch Blackboard Collaborate
  131. Adding MP3 Files
  132. Discussions Instructions for Faculty