1. eduroam - Connecting a Device to UW-Green Bay's Wireless Network
  2. eduroam - Connecting to the network on iPod, iPad, and iPhone
  3. UWGB-IoT (Internet of Things)
  4. UWGB-IoT (Internet of Things) - Registering a Shared Device
  5. Finding MAC Addresses for Personal Devices
  6. UWGB Guest - Wireless Connection Instructions
  7. Forgetting a Wireless Network on Your Device
  8. How to find the MAC Address on an Xbox One
  9. How to find the MAC Address on a PS4
  10. IoT - Weak Signal Troubleshooting
  11. Wireless Configuration for Android
  12. Finding a MAC Address through Command Prompt
  13. Wireless - Parking Lot WiFi Coverage Maps [Campus login required]
  14. Wireless Configuration for Windows Phone