1. Microsoft Teams - Scheduling a Teams Meeting
  2. Jabber - Making Phone Calls From a PC With the Cisco Jabber Application (Windows 10)
  3. Selecting the Right Tool For Your Remote Meeting
  4. Jabber - Making Ad Hoc Conference Calls From a PC (Windows 10)
  5. Microsoft Teams - Teams Meeting Controls
  6. Microsoft Teams - Sharing Your Screen in a Teams Meeting
  7. Microsoft Teams - Joining a Teams Meeting on the Web
  8. Microsoft Teams - Joining a Teams Meeting With the Teams Desktop Application
  9. Finding Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session Recordings
  10. Windows - Enabling Teams Add-in for Outlook
  11. Mac - Enabling Teams Add-in for Outlook
  12. Microsoft Team - Use Phone Audio for Meeting
  13. General Telephone Information (analog only, not VoIP phones)
  14. Using Conference Now for On-Demand Conference Calls
  15. Microsoft Teams - How to Share Sound from your Computer in a Meeting or Live Event
  16. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Audio/Video Troubleshooting Guide
  17. Jabber - Setup for iOS
  18. Jabber - Setup for Windows 10
  19. Jabber - Setup for Android
  20. Setting up a Blackboard Collaborate web conference in MyWisconsin
  21. Setting Teams as the Default IM Client for Outlook
  22. Jabber - Adjusting Volume
  23. Employee Screening Questionnaire: Employee and Supervisor Instructions
  24. Microsoft Teams - User Guide
  25. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Quick Start Video for Participants
  26. To Join a Conference Now Conference Call as a Meeting Attendee
  27. Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Guest)
  28. Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Student)
  29. Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Instructor)
  30. Blackboard Collaborate in Canvas