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Jabber - Setup for Mac

This document details the installation process for Cisco Jabber on a Mac.

Campus Mac
Personal Mac

Campus Mac

1. Navigate to the Self Service app.

2. Search for "Jabber."

3. Select "Install."

Personal Mac

1.  Download the Cisco Jabber Mac installer from here.

***NOTE: If prompted, allow the download.***

2.  Find the Cisco Jabber Mac package in Downloads and double-tap to start installing.  

Screenshot of Cisco Jabber Mac

3.  Select "Continue" on the Welcome to the Cisco Jabber Installer window. 

Screenshot of Continue

4.  Select "Continue" on the Software License Agreement window.

Screenshot of Software License Agreement Window

5.  Select "Agree" on the popup window. 

Screenshot of Agree

6.  Select "Install."

Screenshot of Standard Install

7.  Enter your Mac password.  

***NOTE: You will need to be a local administrator.***

Screenshot of Enter Password

8.  When it's finished installing, select "Close."

Screenshot of Close

9.  You may select "Move to Trash" for the installer when prompted.

Screenshot of Move to Trash

10.  Open the Applications folder in Finder and double -tap "Cisco Jabber."

Screenshot of Cisco Jabber Applications Folder

11.  Select "Allow" for the notifications prompt in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

12.  Next:

        1 Enter your UWGB email address. 

        2. Select "Continue."

Screenshot of Cisco Jabber Login

13.  Then:

        1. Enter your UWGB password.

        2. Select "Sign In."

Screenshot of UWGB Password Input

14.  Select "OK" to the Access Required popup window.

Screenshot of Access Required

15.  Select "Open System Preferences" on the Screen Recording popup window.

Screenshot of Open System Preferences

16.  In System Preferences window, check the box for Cisco Jabber.

***NOTE: If you already had another page open in System Preferences, then you will need to go back to the categories, select "Security & Privacy," then select the Privacy tab, then select "Screen Recording" in the left list and check the box for Cisco Jabber on the right.***

Screenshot of System Preferences Window

17.  Select "Quit Now" in the popup window.  

Screenshot of Quit Now

18.  Open the Cisco Jabber application again.  

19.  Select the Jabber menu and select "Preferences."

Screenshot of Preferences

20.  On the General tab, you may want to check the box to "Start Cisco Jabber when my computer starts."

Screenshot of Start Cisco Jabber When My Computer Starts

21.  Select the "Audio/Video" icon at the top of the Preferences window.

22.  Select "OK" on the Cisco Jabber would like to access your microphone window.

Screenshot of Cisco Jabber Microphone Window

23. Select the "Video" tab at the top. 

***NOTE: If you plan to use a headset or something other than the built-in microphone or speakers, you can change them on this Audio tab.*** 

Screenshot of Video Tab

24.  Select "OK" on the Cisco Jabber would like to access your camera window.  

Screenshot of Cisco Jabber Camera

25.  Select the red circle to close the Preferences window.

26.  Then:

        1. Select the computer and phone icon at the bottom of the contacts list.

        2. Change Device for Calls to "Computer."

Screenshot of Device for Calls Tab

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