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Office 365 - Word on the Web Dictation

This document details using the dictation feature in Word on the web.

Punctuation Commands
Editing Commands
Formatting Commands
Creating Lists Commands
Adding Comments Commands
Commands While Dictating
Symbol Commands
Mathematics Commands
Currency Commands
Emojis/Faces Commands

Dictation allows users to use speech-to-text to create content in Word on the web.  This feature is also available in the desktop version as long as one is signed in with an Office 365 account; all UWGB students and staff have Office 365 accounts. All Dictation requires is a microphone and a reliable internet connection.

You may insert punctuation and make corrections using the Dictation suggestions; you may also use your keyboard.

To Turn on Dictation

1. Navigate to Home > Dictate.

***NOTE: First-time users will need to enable microphone permissions.***

2.  A mic icon will appear. Wait for it to turn on before you begin speaking.

To Turn off Dictation

1. Exit Dictation with the Close (X) in the Dictation toolbar or by pressing the button in the ribbon again.

Punctuation Commands

Phrase(s) Output
period, full stop .
comma ,
question mark ?
exclamation mark/point !
new line new line
apostrophe-s 's
colon :
semicolon  ;
open quotes "
close quotes "
hyphen  -
ellipsis, dot dot dot ...
begin/single quote '
end/close single quote '
left/open parentheses (
right/close parentheses )
left/open bracket  [
right/close bracket ]
left/open brace {
right/close brace }

Editing Commands



delete       *Removes the last word or punctuation before the cursor.

delete that   *Removes the last spoken utterance.

delete last (1-100) words/sentences

delete (word or phrase) *Example: Dictating “what a super nice day” and then saying “delete super.” would result in "what a nice day."

insert space


backspace (1-100)

Formatting Commands

<format> (word or phrase)    *Example: dictating "review by tomorrow at 5PM," then saying "bold tomorrow" would result in "review by tomorrow at 5PM."
decrease indent
clear all formatting
align (left/center/right)

Creating Lists Commands

Creating Lists
start list
start numbered list
next line
exit list

Adding Comments Commands

Adding Comments
add comment (your message here)

***NOTE: Saying "add comment look at this tomorrow" will insert a comment with the text "Look at this tomorrow."***

***NOTE: Saying "add comment" by itsled will create a blank comment box that can be manually typed into.***

Commands While Dictating 

Other Commands
show help
pause dictation
exit dictation

***NOTE: To resume dictation, use the keyboard shortcut (ALT + `) or press the Mic icon in the floating dictation menu.***

Symbol Commands

Phrase(s) Output
asterisk *
backslash \
forward slash /
vertical bar sign, pipe character |
backquote, backtick `
underscore _
paragraph sign/mark
section sign §
ampersand, and sign &
at sign @
copyright sign ©
registered sign ®
degree symbol °
caret symbol ^

Mathematics Commands

Phrase(s) Output
percent sign %
number/pound sign #
plus sign +
minus sign -
multiplication sign x
plus or minus sign ±
division sign ÷
equal sign =
less than sign, left angle bracket <
greater than sign, right angle bracket >

Currency Commands

Phrase(s) Output
dollar sign $
pund sterling sign £
euro sign
yen sign ¥

Emoji/Faces Commands

Emojis and Faces
Phrase(s) Output
smiley face :)
frowny face :(
winky face ;)
heart emoji <3

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