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Duo - Self-Service Options

This document details how users can add a new device, update a previous device, or remove a device from Duo’s authentication process.

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Adding/Enrolling a New Device
Changing a Device’s Name
Defaulting a Device
Removing a Device

Adding/Enrolling a New Device

1. To add/enroll a new device in Duo, select the settings drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Duo authentication prompt.

Screenshot of Duo Settings Tab

2. Next, select "Add a new device."

Screenshot of Add New Device

3. Duo will then prompt you for an authentication prompt in which you have to enter in a sent passcode or approve a push notification on a device already enrolled.

***NOTE: If you are changing the device listed and have the same phone number enrolled, do not send a push notification. Instead, have Duo send a passcode, as your phone number will be the same but the device that would get a push notification is different. If you have a different device and a different phone number with no access to the previously enrolled details, you
will have to contact your Duo Administrator for help.***

4. You will then be prompted to choose what device you will be enrolling.

Screenshot of What Type of Device Are You Adding?

5. Afterwards:

        1. Enter the phone number of your device, verify you entered the information correctly.

        2. Select "Continue."

Screenshot of Enter Your Phone Number

6. You will need to install the Duo Mobile App on the new device you are enrolling. Follow the same steps as when you first installed Duo and scan the barcode now listed to enroll your new device.

Screenshot of QR Code

7. Your device is now listed as an enrolled device through Duo. You can then proceed to enroll another device or configure your already enrolled devices.

Changing a Device’s Name

1. To change a device's name:

        1. Navigate to the Settings drop-down menu in a Duo authentication prompt in the upper right corner.

        2. Select "My Settings and Devices."

Screenshot of Settings and New Device

2. Next:

        1. Select the device you would like to rename.

        2. Select the "Settings" button to go to Device Options.

Screenshot of My Settings and Devices

3. Then select "Change Device Name" listed underneath the device’s name and information.

Screenshot of Change Device Name

4. To rename your device:

        1. Select the original text and reenter it.

        2. Select "Save" to finalize the devices name. The new name will now be listed in Device Options and when prompted for a Duo authentication.

Screenshot of Device Name Change

Defaulting a Device

***NOTE: When you have more than one device enrolled in Duo, you can set a device to be the default when completing a Duo authentication prompt.***

1. From the Duo authentication prompt, select "My Settings and Devices" under the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

Screenshot of My Settings and Devices Tab

2. While in My Settings and Devices:

        1. Underneath your enrolled device there is a drop bar for Default Device. Select the drop bar to choose which of your enrolled devices you would like to be your default

        2. Select "Save."

Screenshot of Default Device

3, Underneath the Default Device drop bar, you can choose whether you would like to have your defaulted device sent an automatic push notification instead of choosing between a pass code or push notification. If you selected a new option, make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the prompt.

4. Now, when prompted with a Duo authentication, your default device will be suggested to complete the push notification or passcode.

Removing a Device

1. When in a Duo authentication prompt, go to the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select "My Settings and Devices."

Screenshot of My Settings and Devices Tab

2. Next:

        1. Select a device from the drop down menu.

        2. Select the "Settings" icon on the device you would like to remove to go to Device Options.

Screenshot of My Settings and Devices

3. Then, select the trash button at the bottom of the drop-down to remove it.

Screenshot of Delete Device

4. You will then be prompted with a confirmation; select "Remove" to delete the device from Duo.

Screenshot of Remove Device

5. You should receive a confirmation that the device is removed.

Screenshot of Successful Removal

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