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VoiceThread - Viewing and Commenting

UWGB Students may be required to participate in VoiceThread activities in their Canvas courses. VoiceThread is a discussion-like tool where students can interact by adding text, voice, and video comments to one or more media "slides." This guide details the basics for viewing a VoiceThread in Canvas, navigating the VoiceThread interface, and leaving comments on a VoiceThread.

Table of Contents

  1. Viewing a VoiceThread
  2. Commenting on a VoiceThread
  3. More guides

Viewing a VoiceThread

Students may encounter VoiceThreads that instructors added to a Canvas course as a graded assignment or an ungraded module item. Instructors may also place links to VoiceThreads within any Canvas page. VoiceThread activities may appear embedded within Canvas or open in a new browser tab.

Once a VoiceThread is loaded in your browser, you can interact with the controls in the VoiceThread interface to view slides, view comments, and leave your own comments and replies.

screenshot of the VT interface

  • Clicking the play button in the bottom-left corner of the VoiceThread will start/pause the playback of slide media and comments. Each segment of the timeline at the bottom of the VoiceThread is a comment on the current slide. The scrubber ball can be dragged along the timeline to jump ahead or go back in time.
  • The left side of the VoiceThread contains a stack of icons. Each icon represents a comment on the VoiceThread and shows the comment author's initials or identity image. Click on a comment's icon to jump to that comment on the timeline and play it.
  • The bottom-right corner of the VoiceThread has navigation arrows that can be clicked to navigate between the VoiceThread's slides. Click the right arrow to advance to the next slide of the VoiceThread or click the left arrow to return to the previous slide. Each slide in a VoiceThread will have its own comments and timeline.

Please visit the official Getting around in a VoiceThread document to learn more about navigating a VoiceThread.

Commenting on a VoiceThread

Students can leave comments on any slide contained within a VoiceThread. Students can add a new comment to a slide, or, if permitted by the instructor, students may make a comment as a threaded reply to another comment.

Adding a new comment

Perform the following steps to add a new comment on a VoiceThread slide.

  1. Navigate to the slide on which you'd like to leave the comment.
  2. Click the + icon at the bottom of the slide to expand a menu of commenting options.
    VoiceThread make a comment button
  3. Select a commenting option from the menu.
    screenshot of the VoiceThread commenting options menu
    The available commenting options include:
    1. Text
    2. Audio from a telephone
    3. Audio from a microphone
    4. Video from a webcam
    5. Audio or Video from a pre-recorded file

  4. Complete the on-screen prompts to create and save your comment. For detailed instructions on how to make each type of comment, please visit the official VoiceThread How to comment document.

Adding a threaded comment

Perform the following steps to add a threaded comment in response to another comment.

  1. Navigate to the comment to which you'd like to reply.
  2. Click the reply button at the bottom of the comment's window.
    screenshot of the VoiceThread comment window with the threaded reply button highlighted
  3. Select a commenting option from the menu that expands at the bottom of the slide.
  4. Complete the on-screen prompts to create and save your comment.

If you do not see a reply button at the bottom of the comment window, the instructor has not enabled threaded commenting for the VoiceThread.

A threaded comment will appear within the stack of icons on the left edge of the VoiceThread as a round icon positioned underneath the root comment.

More guides

Please reference these official VoiceThread guides for more help with viewing and commenting in VoiceThread:

Mobile app guides

Students can view and comment on a VoiceThread on a mobile device by downloading the VoiceThread app from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore. After downloading the mobile app onto your device, do not attempt to log in to the VoiceThread app manually. Instead, open a VoiceThread in a Canvas course on your mobile device to be automatically logged in to the VoiceThread app on that device.

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