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PlayPosit (Canvas) - Share a Bulb as an Ungraded Module Item

This document details how to share a "bulb" as a module item in Canvas.

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***NOTE: UW-Green Bay instructors can use PlayPosit to create interactive videos, called "bulbs," and share those bulbs wth students in their Canvas courses. One of those methods for sharing a PlayPosit bulb with students is to add it to a Canvas module as an ungraded external tool module item. Bulbs shared via this methos are not linked with the Canvas course's gradebook.***

Perform the following steps to add a PlayPosit bulb to a Canvas module as an ungraded external tool module item:

1. On your Canvas course's Home page, select the "Add item" button (appears as a plus icon) of the module to which you'd like to add a PlayPosit bulb.

Screenshot of the Add Item Button on a Canvas Module

2. In the Add [Item Type] to: drop-down menu, select "External Tool."

3. Select "PlayPosit" from the list of available external tools.

Screenshot of the Add Item to Module Menu in Canvas

4. The PlayPosit setup menu will open in a pop-up window. Select "Enter PlayPosit" to open the My Bulbs menu in PlayPosit.

Screenshot of the PlayPosit Set Link Menu

***NOTE: This setup window can be resized to take up more of your screen by clicking and dragging its edges.***

5. Create a new bulb or select an existing bulb from the list of your bulbs:

        1. To create a new bulb, select the "Add New Bulb" button and complete the new bulb creation process (please see PlayPosit (Canvas) - Create a New Bulb). Once you have completed the bulb creation process and have returned to the PlayPosit setup menu in your Canvas browser tab, select the "Set Bulb Link" icon (red Canvas logo) next to the title of your newly created bulb.

        2. To select an existing bulb to add to your module, select the "Set Bulb Link" icon (red Canvas logo) that is next to the title of the bulb you wish to share with students.

Screenshot of the My Bulbs Menu in PlayPosit

6. Make sure Self Paced is selected in the Select Learner Experience drop-down menu and Embed is selected in the Placement drop-down menu then select the "Link" button.

Screenshot of the PlayPosit set link menu with the learner experience and placement options

7. The PlayPosit setup menu will close and you will return to the Canvas Add Item menu. If desired, edit the Page Name field to customize the title of the module item.

8. Select "Add Item" to finish adding your PlayPosit bulb to the module. Remember to publish the module item once you are ready for students to access it.

Screenshot of the Canvas Sdd Item to Module menu with the Page Name Field and Add Item Button Highlighted

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